In Memoriam
Robert ‘Barlow Bob’ Godfrey

The astronomy community has lost a wonderful individual who generously shared his passion for viewing the sun and of spectroscopy for many years. He is the 'father' of the NEAF Solar Star Party, from its early days with Bob at his solar telescope in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn at Suffern, to today's spectacular annual grouping of solar equipment at Rockland Community College. Bob single-handedly organized the event for all these years.

Mr. Godfrey also wrote many articles for "Barlow Bob's Corner", published in Telescopic Topics and several professional publications around the world. He was a member of many clubs including MVAS, AOS, and RAC, and his outreach efforts were always informative, infectiously enthusiastic and humorous. Bob will be sorely missed.
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Barlow Bob (right) with fellow enthusiast Greg Piepol at the NEAF Solar Star Party and (below) holding forth at the Summer Star Party.