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Rockland Astronomy Club is home to some of the best lectures in the Northeast region regarding Astronomy and Space. Bringing in renowned and established guests from all around, RLS is a great way to learn something new about the world of astronomy.

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April 28, 2023

Galaxies, Filaments & the Cosmic Web
Speaker: Dr. Charlotte Welker (CUNY)


Galaxies are not distributed randomly in the Universe. Instead, they are embedded in a much larger structure: the Cosmic Web. The filaments of this web host rivers of cosmic gas that constitute the fuel for galaxies to form stars. As a consequence, the properties of these filaments strongly impact the way a galaxy forms and evolves. This presentation explores these filaments and explains their impact on galaxies in simulations and observations.

Prof. Charlotte Welker is a computational astrophysicist, specializing in the intersection between Astrophysics and Cosmology.  She runs large cosmological simulations to study the formation and evolution of galaxies in their cosmic environment.
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