Rockland Astronomy Club
Board of Directors
The following board members have generously volunteered their time, effort, and passion to make the club what it is today.

Jose Alvira
Frank Bifulco
Ken Blumberg
Karen Celidonio
Mies Hora
Ken Kremer
Joe Moskowitz
Keith Murdock
Al Nagler
Ed Siemenn
Bernie Sokolowski
Bill Thys
Mary Lou West

The Rockland Astronomy Club is a 501c3
non-profit educational organization composed
of more than 250 members who share a keen interest in Amateur Astronomy.

Left to Right: Jose Alvira, Bernie Sokolowski, Keith Murdock,
Joe Moskowitz, Al Nagler, Mies Hora, Bill Thys, Frank Bifulco,
Ed Siemenn. Not in photo: Karen Celidonio.