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Rockland Astronomy Club is proud to host another spectacular celestial event for members and the general public. RAC is a great way to experience the world of astronomy.

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November 11, 2019

RAC Presents The Mercury Transit
Time: 7:30 AM (Sunrise)
Location: Perkins Drive, Bear Mountain, NY

On November 11th at 7:30 AM, the planet Mercury will begin a 6-hour journey across the face of the Sun. RAC members can see this amazing spectacle from the elevated view of Perkins Drive on Bear Mountain. RAC will have proper filters and gear to look at the sun safely.

NJ residents who want to view closer to NYC can observe from the Stateline Lookout which is located on the northbound Palisades Interstate Parkway, about 1/2 mile from the NY-NJ border between Exits 3 and 4 (10 minutes from the GW Bridge).

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